Monday, February 15, 2010

Screenwriting problems in THE BLIND SIDE

Some problems with the blind side…

1)   Early on, a teacher finds a letter written by Michael Oher (the silent football player), that details exactly how he feels at his new school.  It’s called “white walls” or something, and is basically a perfectly crafted insight into his mind.  Pretty obvious and convenient trick to get into his head when we have no other way in.  Oh…except for all the subtext of everything that was going on.  This note really hits you over the head.
2)   The  convenient cut away…Michael goes to a party at some crack den, and tosses some gangsters against the furniture (gun wielding gangsters).  I mean yea…Mike is big and scary but these are gangsters…with guns.  Well…cut to: Michael chilling at a laundry mat without a scratch on his face.
3)   Act I was too long. And the opening scene seems totally misplaced.  For those of you who have seen the movie…do you agree? It opens with a bullock VO over a football play, describing ‘the blind side’ and the importance of the left tackle. But then we don’t get bullock for like…15 minutes and we never see her analyzing tape again. The audience needed to learn why michael’s position was so important, but it could have happened when SJ was teaching him.
4)   Still, we liked it, just like everyone else. Generally entertaining. Good for what it is. Recommended to our parents.

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