Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to: Take Notes at Screenwriting Groups

We're in three groups and thought we'd share what we've learned about the in person, group style note giving and receiving process.

1) Don't get defensive. It's awkward and weird. People don't want to hurt. They want to help. Even if they suggest you kill your protag on page 5. They are dumb. You aren't. You know your story. Move on.

2) Think about every note. Even the 'murder your protag' notes can help you in some way. Think about where that asshole note giver was coming from, get to the root of it, and try to address the problem.

3) Take notes on the notes. Write it all down.

4) Don't take it personally. People don't care about you enough to make notes on your screenplay a personal vendetta against you. Chill.

5) Know your note givers. If HORROR JACK tells you there needs to be more disembodied fairy midgets...yea...And if raging feminist doesn't understand the irony or sarcasm in your SLUTTY BIMBO character...fuck her!

6) Learn and Master the "Art of Disregarding Notes". Some people just won't 'get' your story. See numbers 1,2, and 5. Do these people get your screenplay. Again...don't disregard all willy nilly. Consider EVERYTHING seriously. These people are saying these things for a reason. Figure out why.

7) WRITE TO PREVENT NOTES! This will vastly improve your writing. Pre empt your note givers by writing a good screenplay. Give yourself notes AS THEM before you present, and try to address the problems. This is a tried and true re-writing tool.

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