Monday, February 22, 2010

Screenwriting expressions adored by many, but not by all???!?

Ugh. Most expressions really piss me off. Especially in regards to writing. Maybe because they're expressions and I'm such a counter-culture psuedo bohemian douchebag that I can't stand how apt they often are. But maybe also because the people who spout these kernels of wisdom and truth more often than not are crappy writers and new-age hipsters that worship three moons and plan their lives according to their horoscopes.

And there is one expression - king of all expressions in the writing world - that rears it's ugly head more than any other. "WRITING IS REWRITING". ughhhhh. I hate hearing this when I'm like "Yeah, just gotta go work on a rewrite for a little." "ah, yes. of course, friend. you know what they say..."writing is rewriting."

Yea. They say it. I know. But I don't want to hear it. It haunts me everywhere i go. and it's so true that i think it needs to be changed to..."Rewriting is writing." Subtle, yes, but oh so deep, insightful and brilliant as well. Or are these expressions, in fact, exactly the same?

Bask in that.



Scripted Wit said...

other suggested revisions of expression:

rewriting is exhausting
rewriting is masturbating...again(as is writing)
rewriting makes me want to off myself
fuck rewriting!

Adriano Ariganello said...

My biggest problem is writing in the first place. The rewrite is easy. Getting something to rewrite is hard.

Scripted Wit said...

and if rewriting is writing is rewriting is writing...then our problems are the same...right?

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