Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nick Fellowship...

Well, well, well.

The truth is out.

Although we pretend to be solely interested in writing movies, these escapades truly all began in an interest in writing for TV. When we began writing specs for TV they all sucked, but we've learned some things in the process, and will perhaps share these things below. Might as well...the nick fellowship is coming up.

Here are our brief thoughts (in between punching up our 30 Rock, eating french fries, and trying to moisten our addled-by-California much for an inside the parentheses thought. Am I right....?.................

right though.....


too much............)

Anyways, our thoughts:

We hear 30 Rock is hot to spec

Buy or download a script for your spec and study format and structure

Watch your show to get a feel for timing.

Don't accidentally rip off a plot already used (guilty...)

Don't hold back! Be radical, and stand out.


Anybody else? Tips?



Anonymous said...

i specced 30 Rock last year for Nick Writing. i didn't this year because i got the sense that everyone is writing 30 Rock now. so i did Parks & Recreation instead. same comic sensibilities but (hopefully) not as widely done

Scripted Wit said...

Nice. Parks and Rec got so good this year. We've really been enjoying it. And Community too.

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