Tuesday, March 2, 2010

emergency post

be totally aware of what you are thinking at all times.

for instance, i just got back from a trip. took my first home shower. had the thought "huh. i kind of forget which way is hot and cold at home."

then i thought...these are the thoughts that make a screenplay rich. this kind of dialogue. in movies that i love, the dialogue is peppered with incredible anecdotes, or surprising realizations. this stuff tells you so much about a character.

i thought everyone forgot how their home shower works.

but jane never forgets.

this has to say something about CHARACTER.

this was an emergency blog post. i'm gonna start doing this now. when things come to me, if i have time, instead of jotting them in my note book, i'm gonna post about them.

clearly i guess this means there will now be a lot more rambling, odd posts that are often stupid or irrelevant.

but i think things like this are really what's worth sharing and what i wanna blog about.

then again, maybe i'll never make another post like this again.

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